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I am a Jane Austen enthusiast, scholar, and fanfiction author. I am also an active member of the Jane Austen Society of North America. I have been writing Jane Austen fanfiction stories for over twenty years. I have learned a lot in the process and made some great friends along the way. Fanny, A Mansfield Park Story is my first published novel. It has been a labor of love which has taken me years to complete. I have several ideas for additional novels, which are in various stages of completion. In the meantime, I will be posting some of my other stories, old and new, on this site. To comment on one of my stories, please email me using the contact link above or visit my facebook or goodreads page, also linked above. For updates on stories posted at this site, please subscribe to my mailing list by clicking on the newsletter link above. Thanks for visiting!
Austen Village
Welcome to Austen Village, a remarkable seaside resort populated by favorite and familiar characters, gleaned like nuts from a hedgerow, for the reader's enjoyment. Some of the folks are permanent fixtures, some are just passing through, all have a special place in this universe created by a most beloved lady for her namesake little town.

Written specifically for the Kindle Vella serial platform, Austen Village is a soap-opera style drama featuring characters from across Austen's novels who we have brought together for a lot of fun, a little frivolity, a little mystery, and some matchmaking!

Because of the episodic format, references to the passage of time are purposely vague. It's been a few years since the end of all the novels and our established couples are living out their Happily Ever Afters, while plenty of characters who remained single at the end of the novels are looking for love. Season One consists of twenty-five bite-sized episodes that will be published weekly on Saturdays.

Join us in taking Austen’s delightful characters on a tongue-in-cheek, soap-opera style adventure, which looks into how their lives might have continued following the novels. Now live on Kindle Vella!
Fanny, A Mansfield Park Story
Mansfield Park is the only novel in which Jane Austen gives her readers a glimpse of an alternative ending and reveals that Fanny's fate might have been very different. Fanny, A Mansfield Park Story answers that possibility and further explores the lives and choices of Austen's fascinating and delightful cast of characters.

Fanny, a poor relation living with her wealthy aunt and uncle, must find her place and hold her own in a family that is still learning to value her. No longer guided in everything by her cousin, Edmund, Fanny must judge for herself, act with initiative, and navigate the attentions of potential suitors.

Fanny, A Mansfield Park Story continues in Austen's tradition of social satire, clever dialogue, and witty observations combined with Amelia Marie Logan's own style and charm. If the rushed ending of Mansfield Park left you unsatisfied, you will love Fanny, A Mansfield Park Story.

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  • The Talk - This story is a "missing scene" from my novel, Fanny, A Mansfield Park Story in which Mary Bertram (nee Crawford) gives Fanny some advice in advance of her wedding. 2294 words, ©2023.

  • An Evening at Mansfield - This is a little story I wrote as a teaser for my novel, Fanny, A Mansfield Park Story. There are spoilers.1253 words, ©2021.

  • Sole Mates - Darcy and Elizabeth discover they are sole mates through a strange compatability. 2833 words, ©2023.

  • Dancing a Reel - Did Darcy really ask Lizzy to dance a reel at Netherfield? What if she had accepted? 577 words, ©2023.

  • Set Down - Several characters decide Caroline Bingley needs a set down. 2454 words, ©2022.

  • Family Secrets - Colonel Fitzwilliam's first name is revealed to Elizabeth. 946 words, ©2022.

  • Beyond Mansfield - a low-angst alternative ending to Mansfield Park which picks up at the very end of the novel, just before the final few paragraphs of the last chapter, and gives Fanny a chance to experience a little bit of the outside world, which leads her to a different Happily Ever After. 14898 words, ©2022.

  • Of Dreams and Memories - This is a Pride and Prejudice story I first wrote back in 2003 and recently revised. It involves some amnesia-induced misunderstandings. 30956 words, ©2003, revised 2022.

  • A Good Memory is Unpardonable - This is a Pride and Prejudice story I wrote in 2006, for which I recently wrote a revised ending. This time Elizabeth has amnesia. It's not quite a farce, but doesn't take itself too seriously. 7558 words, ©2006, revised 2022.

  • Oakham Mount - This story tells what happened between Elizabeth and Darcy on their way to Oakham Mount the day after their engagement. 2375 words, ©2022.

  • A Great Curiosity - This is a fun little story inspired by Darcy's confession that he had a great curiosity to see Oakham Mount. 656 words, ©2022.

  • Under Good Regulation - This is a retelling of Pride and Prejudice from Mr. Darcy's perspective. It does involve what might be considered a mature subject, but is not explicit. 4172 words, ©2020.

  • A Glimpse - This is a Pride and Prejudice story in which a strange phenomenon at the Netherfield Ball changes the course of history. 13015 words, ©2004.

  • First Meetings - This is a story about how some of the couples in Pride and Prejudice met, long before the events of the novel. 4933 words, ©2002.

  • Elizabeth's Letter - This is a short story in which Elizabeth decides to take some initiative on Jane's behalf after receiving Darcy's letter.1876 words, ©2021.

  • The Letter - This is just a little piece of fluff I wrote in which Darcy's letter delivery does not go as planned. 941 words, ©2021.

  • A Regular Standing Flirtation - In Mansfield Park Mary Crawford mentions that the relationship between Henry and Maria could have ended in a "regular standing flirtation." This story explores what that might have looked like. 1905 words, ©2021.

  • Treasure and Trickery - This little story takes place after the end of Pride and Prejudice and involves some of the peripheral characters. 8231 words, ©2020.

  • Inferior Connections - A collaboration with Bethany Delleman this short story is a little twist on the elopement in Pride and Prejudice. 2479 words, ©2021.

  • Poor Caroline - A collaboration with Bethany Delleman this story shows Caroline Bingley having a tough day after taking so much abuse in fanfiction stories. 1372 words, ©2022.

  • Carrie-Sue - A farce which pokes fun at the over-villainization of Caroline Bingley. 17705 words, ©2005; revised 2019.

  • The Lesson of a Lifetime - One of the characters from Pride and Prejudice reflects on her life, years after the events in the novel. 2936 words, ©2005.

  • Darcy's Engagement - Caroline has a fit of rage on learning that Darcy is engaged to Elizabeth, with some unexpected results. 1220 words, ©2023.

  • Secrets Revealed - Two short stories describing what might have happened if Elizabeth Bennet's refusal of Mr. Darcy had been discovered by her mother and Fanny Price's refusal of Mr. Crawford had been discovered by her father. 3544 words, ©2021.

  • Unfinished Business - A Pride and Prejudice Halloween story. 2653 words, ©2004.

  • The Ghost of Blaize Castle - A Halloween ghost story mostly based on Northanger Abbey with some characters from Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility and a little bit of my own research on the history of Blaize Castle. 7354 words, ©2021.

  • In Just Defiance - This is the missing scene from Northanger Abbey in which Henry Tilney defies his father, General Tilney before going to Fullerton to propose to Catherine Morland. 1637 words, ©2005.

  • Teeth and Treachery - This is a bit of a silly story, but considering the main characters are John Thorpe and Nancy Steele, how can it be otherwise? 3291 words, ©2020.

  • Mr. Collins Gets Distracted - This little story is inspired by Lydia's adventures in cross-dressing one of her friends. 2194 words, ©2008.

  • Dearest Loveliest Lydia - The title explains it all. This is a farce. Don't take it seriously. 2055 words, ©2003.