Amelia Marie Logan Jane Austen Fanfiction

Darcy professed a great curiosity to see the view from the Mount and when he and Elizabeth left Longbourn, the gentleman strode forward asking, “Oakham Mount, Lizzy, is it left or right?” She gave him the proper bearing and he set forth with more than his usual deliberation in the direction indicated. Lizzy, being a great walker, was well able to keep up with his long strides for a respectable distance; but after some time, she began to lag behind. When she had fallen several steps behind, he paused with a great sigh to wait for her to catch up. When she did he marched forward with great eagerness.

They soon reached the foot of the mount and as their path sloped upward, Elizabeth fell behind again. Panting, she sat on a fallen log to catch her breath. Her betrothed stood before her, hands on hips, foot tapping. “Are you quite rested yet?”

“One moment,” she managed to pant out.

He began pacing the ground in front of her. “Are you ready yet?”

“Not quite.”

A few seconds later, “How about now?”

Still panting, “Just another moment.”


“Go on without me if you wish.”

Darcy smiled at this and darted in the direction of the summit, then stopped suddenly, walked back and, taking Lizzy's hand, said, “Come I will help you.”

She allowed herself to be half-dragged a considerable distance up the mount till at last she was forced to pull her hand away and sit again.

Darcy, trying to hide his obvious annoyance, said, “I had thought you were an excellent walker.”

“When I can walk at my leisure, I am; but I have never been inclined to race up Oakham Mount.”

“No, because you have lived your whole life within range of it. You have seen the view many times and take for granted that you can see it any time you wish. But I have not had the same opportunity. And I do have a great cur...”

“Yes, I know you have a great curiosity to see the view from the mount!”

He smiled, walked over and saying, “I cannot believe I did not think of this before,” scooped her up and verily dashed up the rest of the way.

When they reached the top, he immediately set her down and walked to the edge, taking in the view. “Is not this lovely?” he declared! “Oh look over there,” he said pointing. He then produced a pair of binoculars from his coat pocket and continued walking the perimeter of the mount, gleefully looking at all. “I must capture this,” he cried, giddy with excitement. Then he pulled an easel and canvas along with some paints and brushes from his other coat pocket and began to paint all that he saw.

After about half an hour, Lizzy approached him and attempted to place her arm around him. He shrugged her off. She walked away for a few moments, watching his genius take flight. Then she returned and attempted to divert his attention again. “Here we are, all alone, not another soul in sight.”

“Yes,” he smiled, “no one to ruin my picture!”

“Is there no other activity that you would wish to engage in while we are here?”

“I would wish to paint the scene from every angle but I only brought the one canvas. I knew I should have brought more!”

“My dearest, loveliest, Fitzwilliam, does not the scene inspire any other mood?” said Lizzy, sidling up to him.

“I must get that streak of sunlight just right,” he cried, brushing furiously at the canvas.

Now Lizzy was getting impatient. “Don't you want to kiss me?” she finally cried in exasperation.

He now looked at her in horror. “Of course, but there will be plenty of time for that when we are not taking in the view from Oakham Mount!”